JibbsAge ain’t nothing but a number they say and Jibbs is certainly proving the saying right. At only sixteen the former boxer from St Louis has taken the American charts by storm. His smash debut single ‘Chain Hang Low’ structured around the ‘Ears Hang Low’ nursery rhyme is proving to be the rappers calling card and now he’s set to take over the UK!

The track has sold over 500,000 downloads in the US and is released here through Geffen Records on January 22nd 2007. So before the takeover begins, britishhiphop.co.uk gives you the low down on Jibbs.

JibbsIt seems Jovan Campbell aka Jibbs has always had a competitive streak. Using boxing as an avenue to escape the lure of the streets, Jibbs was able to channel his drive into the competitive sport. Coming from a close family unit where he was one of six siblings, Jibbs was fortunate to have three brothers who were boxers and older brothers who were into music. Jibbs was such a good boxer he went on to become a two-time Golden Glove Champion. However despite this incredible success Jibbs still had a burning desire to become a rapper but to set him on his path he needed to impress one special person: his brother.

His older brother known to the music world as DJ Beats from the production duo Da Beatstaz was already gaining fame in their native St Louis for producing tracks for Chingy and Nelly.  It didn’t take long for DJ Beats to notice his baby bro’s potential after watching Jibbs consistently annihilate local MCs, “I was murdering 21-year olds, 25 –year-olds when I was 11and 12”, Jibbs recalls, “that’s how people knew me in the hood. They’d be like, ‘you’re so young, but you whupped him- and he’s supposed to be good’”.  

JibbsNow Jibbs is ready with a right hook to take on the world! Signed to Geffen Records (home of Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, Mos Def, Game), Jibbs is hurting the airwaves and clubs with ‘Chain Hang Low’, a massive banger which displays his sharp wit and clever use of rhyme: ‘do ya chain hang low / do it wobble to da flo / do it shine in the light / is it platinum is it gold / could you throw it ov’r ya shoulda / if ya hot it make you cold / do your chain hang low?’.

Jibbs’ debut album ‘Jibbs Feat Jibbs’, shows he’s not just a one trick pony, infact the whole album demonstrates his ability to deliver quirky, clever lyrics with razor sharp timing far more advanced than his sixteen years. On songs like ‘Smile’ feat Fabo from D4L and ‘Go Too Far’, Jibbs flirts with the ladies by showing his softer side, accompanied by infectious beats and delicious melodies- Jibbs proves that he is able to switch it up. On ‘Hood’- one of the album’s stand out tracks, Jibbs’ swift delivery exhales, as he details life in the ghetto from a teenage point of view- definitely a defining point in the album. It’s on tracks like ‘Hood’ where we really see the sparkle of a bright future for Jibbs.

By: Michelle Adabra

The Album ‘Jibbs Feat. Jibbs’ is out 20th  November 2006.
The Single ‘Chain hang low’ is out 22nd January 2007.    


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